Hand Carved Maple Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks

Carved in the Rainforests of Vancouver Island BC

by Wupen Walking Sticks

maple walking stick
Maple Walking Stick with Spiral Pattern (sample)

spiral maple stick
Rick from Phenix City, AL : Click picture for his story.

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Sorry all sold out of maple sticks
I am no longer making walking/hiking sticks
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A customer wrote:
"I just picked up the walking stick yesterday. It arrived in perfect shape. All I have to say is: AWESOME!!!!
This stick is much nicer than I imagined and much nicer than a photo could show! Thanks again!!!!!" read more

Handcrafted Maple walking sticks

Handmade Maple hiking sticks

Maple hiking sticks for sale

Maple walking sticks for sale

Maple hiking sticks for sale

Handmade Maple walking sticks

Handmade Maple walking sticks

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Most of my sticks can be shortened.
If the stick is too long I will shorten it at no extra charge.

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metal spike

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#212m48 1/2"SOLD$60
#201m55" SOLD$75
#204m49" SOLD$75

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Remember, if you are purchasing a walking stick adding a bonker, a cane or a talking stick to the package will make very little difference to the shipping cost. Why? because weight up to a certain point only has a slight affect on the cost. The cost increases in accordance with the length of the package.
A cane, bonker or talking stick will fit in the longer package.

e-mail me at wupensticks@shaw.ca or click for: Order Information

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Wupen Maple Walking Sticks

Hand Carved Maple Walking/Hiking Sticks

My desire is to make my hand carved maple walking sticks not only functional but also appealing, something the owner will be proud of and like to show off.
I try to select wood pieces that are straight and if possible have a neat knob at the end.
Maple has a tendency to warp as it dries so I clamp the raw sticks to a board for up to a year before hand carving. How I dry my Maple walking sticks.
I round the end of each piece for comfort and looks, then drill a hole for the wrist strap. I also ream the wrist strap hole to give it a finished appearance. The patterns are delicately hand carved into the different layers of bark. This is only done after the stick has sufficiently dried. This is a very time consuming process but the results are worth it.
The wood pieces are hand sanded down to a 320 grit (very, very fine) sandpaper and finished with a minimum of four coats of clear varathane. I polish between coats with steel wool to remove all burs.
If a customer is purchasing one of my hand carved maple walking sticks and finds it too long I will shorten it as required. I do not charge for this. Included with each walking stick is a rubber tip and wrist strap installed before shipping. If a customer prefers to cut the stick to length (at home) I will ship the rubber tip loose with the walking stick.
Many of my customers have complimented my hand carved maple walking/hiking sticks. If you would like to read some of their comments please click on the "Testimonials", just above this article.

Harvesting Maple Sticks for Carving

Wupen maple walking and hiking sticks and canes are made from what is known on Vancouver Island as Broadleaf Maple (acermacrophyllum). This tree is also commonly called Bigleaf Maple or Oregon Maple. The leaves are huge as can be seen from this photo. Maple trees prefer areas with lots of sunlight so I harvest my raw maple sticks from hydro and railroad right-of-ways. In these areas mature trees have been cut (usually quite high off the ground) by maintenance crews. Suckers grow quickly from the stumps and these are what I cut to make my walking sticks and canes. Because the suckers grow from the sides of the stump, their base is quite broad as they have to make a 90 degree turn to become vertical. It is this broad base that gives many of my maple walking and hiking sticks their unique handles and shaped heads.
The tree continues to produce new suckers which can be harvested in later years. The tree lives on until it reaches a height where it has to be trimmed back again.

Learn more about Broadleaf Maple
Tree Book
Learn more about Vancouver Island and the Old Growth Forests

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