Trembling Aspen Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks and Canes

From the Boreal Forest of Northwestern Onario

by Wupen Sticks

Aspen walking stick for sale
Trembling Aspen Walking Stick
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Most of my sticks can be shortened.
If you like a stick that is too long I will shorten it for you at no extra charge.

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Trembling Aspen Trees and Honeysuckle Vines
Trembling Aspen (aka poplar) grows in abundance in the Boreal Forests of North Western Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately the gems you see here are not so abundant. The twisted spiral aspen sticks that I used to create these canes and walking/hiking sticks were found by a friend over a period of several years. He is a Forester living and working in the Boreal Forests. During his many excursions in the woods he harvested these pieces. Wild Honey Suckle vines twisting around the aspen stocks as they grow, has caused these masterpieces of nature. It is interesting to note that the honey-suckle vines always spiral around the trees in the same direction. They turn to the right, following the direction of the sun.
(more on the movement of plants)
During my recent visit to North Western Ontario my friend said "I would like to see what you can do with these," so here they are.

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