Handmade Wood Walking Sticks
Hiking Sticks , Canes & Shillelaghs

From the Rainforests of Vancouver Island
located in the beautiful province of British Columbia

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Be Active....Stay in Shape....Live Longer....Be Happy....Enjoy Life....Don't be a Couch Potatoe
Walk & Hike in style with a Wupen Stick
Just for the Health of it

I sell Wupen
Walking & Hiking Sticks
to anywhere in
North America
Alaska & Puerto Rico & Hawaii

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Wupen Sticks are made by me (Wayne P Newman). The name Wupen comes from my initials. Try to pronounce my initials (WPN) and you get "Wupen" !

this is Wupen this is Wupen this is Wupen

This is me... Wupen
This is my hobby, I am not a big business. I get more enjoyment out of hearing back from a happy customer, than from the little money I make.

handmade maple hiking stick

hand carved diamond willow walking sticks

diamond willow walking cane

handmade maple shillelagh
handmade maple shillelagh
metal ice point talking stick walking stick lanyard

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Detailed Pictures of everything I sell:
I have included detailed pictures of each of my walking/hiking sticks, canes and bonkers (shillelagh). You see exactly what you are buying, no surprises later.
I have surfed the web and have not found other "walking stick websites" that offer this feature.
Check out my product pages for details.

A customer wrote:
"Received package today. What you see is what you get.
Excellent workmanship & quality.
Thanks - I will refer YOU to those that ask." read more

Ten good reasons to Use a Walking or Hiking Stick
Why handmade wood canes are the trend today.

How to Measure your cane, hiking/walking stick length

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All Handmade / Hand Crafted / Hand Carved Products:
All my products are handmade, there are no two alike. Click on the buttons to view details of my walking sticks, hiking sticks, sucking hat, canes and other wood products. For ordering and shipping information please refer to my
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Personal nature hiking and walking tours of Vancouver Island,
BC's ancient rainforest of big trees, wildlife and birds.

Direct contacts, descriptions, photos and maps for campsites, RV parks and camping in British Columbia, Canada. Provides programs to help residents of long term care and seniors homes
with issues of loneliness, isolation and depression as well as residents suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers.
The Music Java Club uses Wupen Talking Sticks exclusively as one of their program tools.

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Hiking British Columbia, Canada: Photo Galleries
click below to see some beautiful hiking trails in my area and others

Vancouver Island Arrowsmith Lookout trail Vancouver Island
Random hiking pictures
Vancouver Island Kinsol Railroad Trestle Vancouver Island
Cameron Lake Moods
Joshua Tree National Park

handcrafted hiking sticks
Some maple walking/hiking sticks
I have handmade.
Click for larger view.

photo prop stick
Professional photographers use Wupen Sticks.

NY Antenna Magazine
Wupen Stick featured in NY City Antenna Magazine.
Click for larger view.

Wupen Bonker/Shillelagh
in action.
Click picture for larger view.

Santa Felix
Santa Felix
with Wupen Stick
click photo for details

hiking: Mt. Wesley Ridge Trail
Vancouver Island BC

hiking: Joshua Tree national park
Joshua Tree National Park CA

walking stick handle
Click photo
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