Animals & Trees of Cameron Lake
on Vancouver Island BC

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Vancouver Island Information photo...
Black Bear
There are only black bears on Vancouver Island, but one must be when hiking.
We have a resident bear that hangs around our cabin filling up on blackberries and plums from the neighbour's tree.
I managed to take this picture as he wondered by the front of my cabin early one morning.
Here's a picture of his calling card (Bear Scat)

Bobcat Tracks.
Bobcat: Ace the cat
A feral cat is a house cat that has gone wild. He was pretty hungry when he put three legs into my cabin for a meal. We call him "Ace" but he snarls and spits if you try to get close

We discovered some unusual tracks in the frost one day. After comparing them with some internet info we concluded they were

Feral photo...

Ace and Cooney
Who says cats and racoons don't get along. Our Feral cat "Ace" and "Cooney" the racoon are sharing a meal. Both were pretty hungry so paid no attention to each other. Note how the cat digs right in but the racoon daintily uses his hands to lift the food to his mouth. That is dry cat food they are eating. The racoons like it as much as the cats.steller's jay
BC's Provincial BirdWe have more than a dozen Steller's Jays keeping us company all year. The Jay's don't go south in the winter. They love peanuts in the shell and the bold ones will take them out of your hand. If the cabin door is left open some will come in and steal out of the
peanut bucket.

Steller's Jay:

Cat and photo...

Steller's photo...

This picture was taken in the tree in front of our cabin.
Pacific Racoon:

Humming photo

rufous humming birds
Ruby Throat & Rufous
This picture was taken at our cabin feeders.
Humming Birds: photo

camo slug
Slugs are everywhere. They travel on a trail of slim that they generate. They come in all sizes, very tiny to up to 3" long. Those aren't eyes but black dots to make him look fearsome.
Camo colored Slug:

Black photo

black slug
Black Slug
Slugs come in all colors, some are black, some are camoflage color while others come in many shades of green and brown.

Camo photo

Pacific photo

BC's Provincial Flower
This picture was taken just behind our cabin.
Pacific Dogwood:

Western Red photo

red cedar
BC's Provincial Tree
This picture was taken at Cathedral Grove.
Western Red Cedar: