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These are actual e-mail comments sent to me by some of my customers, after receiving their
None of the original wording has been changed.
My thanks to all my customers for their kind words.

John, from Portland, OR, USA...2014
Hi Wayne, The cane and talking stick arrived here Monday afternoon. What beautiful wood, and what elegant work ! The cane has already changed my attitude about needing one, because I no longer feel like just another crippled old man with a "drugstore special". I've only been using it for five days or so, and I am already getting more compliments than I know to handle. It's a bit humbling, actually, for after all it's just an object, right?
Take care, John

Tom, from Orlando, FL, USA...2014
Wayne, The cane arrived today. It was packed very well and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you, Tom

Bill, from Overland, CA, USA...2014
Hello Wayne…. Package arrived today. Thanks so much for the great and expedited shipping. Cane looks great and I am very satisfied with it. Almost looks to good to use outside though and that’s why I hope you have put me on your ‘walking staff’ waiting list. Thanks again for the great service. Bill

Jeff, from Antioch, FL, USA...2014
I got the cane and I love it. It looks even better than the pictures. Thanks a lot, jeff

Ken, from Lauderdale Lakes, FL, USA...2014
Received cane. It is very, very beautiful.Ken

Robert, from Walled Lake, MI, USA...2014
Hello Wayne, my cane came today, sure is a beauty, thank you so much. Robert

Ann, from Phoenix, MD, USA...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane for her dad)
Wayne, The cane arrived safely and it is SO beautiful! My Dad absolutely loves it and can’t wait to show it to all his friends! Thank you again for all your efforts – your work is lovely! Anne

Michael, from Oak Forest, IL, USA...2013
(purchased a maple cane)
Hi Wayne, I received my custom Cain on Saturday the 13th and used it today Sunday the 14th as soon as I took it out of the box it far exceeded my expiations and the picture you sent me. It works great, perfectly sized and just looks amazing the different color variations are amazing. I got five compliments on it just today alone so I'm only expecting to get more the more I use it. I wanted to again say thank you for working with me on the basic design of the Cain but love how you made it your own. I love it and you are the man of hand made Cain's and hiking sticks please keep the coming as they truly are pieces of art and really show off your craftsman ship thank you again a customer for life. Michael

Ray, from Vancouver, BC, Canada...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane)
Hello Wayne Received the cane today...it's a beauty...took 1 1/2" off though...I'd rather "lean" on it than "climb" on it. It was actually 37" from rubber bottom to top handle, but that gave me plenty of play to adjust...good lenght on my running shoes as my motorcycle boots...you're an artist. Thanks Wayne, Ray

Tom, from Bothel, WA, USA...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane)
Your cane arrived today. You have done an outstanding job on this Wayne! Although the photos were excellent, they did not do the cane its proper justice. Although it is a little beefier than I had anticipated, I know it will far exceed anything I may have to put it through. If you ever need a reference as to the quality of your canes, please do not hesitate to put a potential buyer in touch with me. Thank you again Wayne. I really appreciate it! Tom.

Bill, from Overland Park, KS, USA...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane, a bonker and a talking stick)
Hello Wayne……Wanted to let you know that I received your package today and everything arrived perfectly. Thanks a lot for your excellent packing job. Your canes are a work of art! My gosh, that diamond willow wood is absolutely gorgeous and looks so much better than I anticipated it would. My wife said I should not use it as a walking cane, rather mount it on the wall as a work of art. Wayne, you are a true artisan of fine wood working skills. Thanks so much and I'm sure I will have lot's of folks asking me about my cane so hopefully you will get more requests for your work from other Kansan's. Talking stick and bonker just as good as cane. Thanks again, Bill

John, from Port Charlotte, FL, USA...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane)
Hi, Cane arrived safely yesterday. Very handsome, comfortable, and already much admired by the few in my retirement community who have seen it. Thank you, John

Bill, from Sundre, AB, Canada...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane)
Wayne, 518x arrived today in good order...LOVE IT....!!!! It makes its debut on the streets of Sundre tomorrow.... THX Wayne... Bill

Rick, from Phenix city, AL, USA...2013
(purchased a diamond willow cane and a maple cane)
Wayne, Just wanted to let you know that I received the canes today... They are both amazing! My wife said that the term "beautiful" doesn't even begin to describe how gorgeous they are! I know that my Dad, and her Mom will love them. Thanks again, -Rick

Jeanne, from East Warham, MA, USA...2012
(purchased diamond willow cane for her sister)
OMG. Wayne you out did yourself. My sister is going to love it. It is so beautiful, and one of a kind. Words can not express my feelings over craftsman like you, and the gifts you make. Rock on Wayne! Sincerely Jeanne

Ron, from Wasilla, AK, USA...2012
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Wayne, We received the cane yesterday afternoon by post. It arrived in perfect condition, and my fiancee absolutely loves it. The craftsmanship and appearance are outstanding - in addition to being a useful mobility aid, the cane is a work of art. She also wanted me to mention that the cane is superior to the adjustable metal canes found in stores, since it has a more solid feel - it doesn't feel like it's going to bend or collapse, in other words. Thank you so much from both of us for your work. We will gladly recommend Wupen Sticks to anyone who asks. Regards, Ron

Ron, from Eagle River, AK, USA...2012
(purchased maple cane)
Wayne, Just received my Wupen Cane this morning, earlier than I expected. I am so pleased with this cane that I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. The fit is perfect and like I've had it all my life. What's more is that it is quite a thing of beauty to look at as well - Easy on the eyes, as they say. You really amazed me with your attention to detail by adding the packet of an extra rubber tip. What's more was the instructions for the steel tip I bought, which will prove very useful here in Alaska (On this day, October 20, 2012, we have snow on the ground and it's 14 degrees outside already). I realize you're in business to make money, but too many businesses do not go the meticulous extra mile that you do. You sir, are a wood craftsman of the highest degree, and your business practices are very much appreciated. I will order another soon. Thanks again! Sincerely, Ron

Melissa, from Lancaster, PA, USA...2012
(purchased two maple canes)
Good Morning Wayne, we received the canes this morning, even more beautiful in person. Thank you so much for your quick shipping. This will help my husband greatly with walking. Regards, Melissa

Richard, from Stanwood, WA, USA...2012
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Wayne, The cane just arrived and I let my dad open it before Father's day. It's even more beautiful than the picture showed. Light weight but sturdy and strong...I think he'll actually want to use it. Thanks, Richard

Lawrence, from Springfield, OH, USA...2012
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Wayne, I just wanted to let you know that I received the cane today, and absolutely love it. It's perfect, thanks for such a wonderful product! v/r LW

Bill, from Weston, MA, USA...2012
(purchased maple staff & diamond willow cane with brass horse hame handle)
Yes, I have them. The walking staff is significantly lighter than the willow which I have and will be of use when my shoulders complain. The willow cane is incredible. The only drawback to it is that it slows me down because of all the people who stop me to compliment me on it. Thank you, Bill

Jim, from Hokogen, NJ, USA...2012
(purchased diamond willow cane)
I received the cane today and it is absolutely beautiful. I will love it forever. Such great workmanship and selection of wood. I could look at it for hours. Thank you! Jim

David, from Arlington, VA, USA...2012
(purchased stained willow cane)
I received the cane as well. The pictures don't do it any justice. Its a beautiful piece of work. I will know where to send people when the compliments start coming.
Thanks again, David

Val, from Dundas, ON, Canada...2012
(purchased alder cane)
Hi Wayne, Received the cane/stick today. Already took it for a "test walk" - I knew it would be the perfect height and weight, excellent work and the red alder makes a beautiful stick - especially in Ontario. Thanks! Val

Lois, from Beaumont, AB, Canada...2012
(purchased maple cane)
Dear Wayne, I received your beautiful cane just the other day! My Father is going to love it!! Many, many thanks for your assistance with this order, I am more then grateful,
Best regards, Lou

Aubrey, from Albuquerque, NM, USA...2011
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Wayne, Cane arrived in perfect condition today. Like many others who have commented on your fine work, I must say that the cane looks even better than the picture. It must give you great happiness to have a hobby that provides so much pleasure to others. Thanks again. Best regards, Aubrey

Tom, from Colton, OR, USA...2011
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Hi Wayne, My diamond willow cane arrived in good shape. First I want to tell you that after I ordered my cane, I went out into our woods and looked at a few willow trees and made a walking stick and a bonker just for fun. After looking over the cane that you made I realize just how much skill, work, and time that it takes to make such a beautiful cane. This is a wonderful work of art. Thank you, Wayne. Tom

Howard, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...2011
(purchased maple cane)
The cane arrived. very beautiful and incredibly light. I know my friend will love it. thanks Howard

Sandi, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada...2011
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Hello, Wayne. In follow up to the order that I placed on July 6 for the diamond willow cane, I was finally able to deliver it to my Dad. Initially, he thought it was pretty nice but he wasn't planning to use it! Within a week though he began using it and now uses it diligently and loves it. Thank you. Sandi

Bronna, from Seatle, WA, USA...2011
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Fantastic! Beautiful - truly a piece of art! Thank you so much - I feel safer already and so 'chic!' Many thanks, Wayne

Bruce, from Midland, TX, USA...2011
Wayne; The cane arrived today. Perfect fit and looks better in real life than the picture on the net. Thank you, I will no doubt be back for another. Well packaged by the way. Bruce

Jay, from Sharpsville, PA, USA...2011
Wayne; Received cane today, looked at it briefly as I was home on lunch break, VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cane will be my formal cane and my go to town cane. Thanks for the great workmanship, I'll keep in touch. Jay

Rob, from Vancouver, BC, Canada...2010
(purchased maple cane 270)
Hi Wayne, I want to thank you for the beautiful cane, which I now have in regular use. The height is perfect! As you recall, I purchased cane #270. It is truly a beautiful piece of work and I am often asked about it. In appreciation of your craftsmanship... Rob

Richard, from St. Michael, MN, USA...2010
(purchased diamond willow cane)
I picked up the cane today and was impressed by both the packaging design and the cane itself. I'm a retired project engineer and I have done a lot of packaging design in the past. The packaging of the cane was excellent and it arrived in perfect shape. The cane was beautifully finished and crafted. Good job Wayne. You have really paid attention to detail and have produced a beautiful cane. Rich

Tom, from Lincolm, NE, USA...2010
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Hi wayne, I got the package today and I want to thank you! The real deal in my hand far exceeded my expectations. I've felt like its been my birthday all day today...lol, I heard the mail truck coming and walked out in my footed pajama's to get the package, and I've been enjoying the cane all day today, I'm happy I found your site and did business with you, and can't wait for you to finish some new canes, I have a feeling this won't be the only cane I buy from you;-) thanks again, very happy customer .....Tom

Licia, from San Francisco, CA, USA...2010
(purchased diamond willow cane & walking stick)
Hi Wayne, I received the package on Wednesday. I used the cane that evening, and was complimented a few times. It really helps me walk with greater ease, and less fatigue. I haven't tried out the walking stick yet, but will this weekend. I'm impressed by the beauty of both the walking stick, and the cane. Thank you, Licia

Karen, from Linden, AB, Canada...2010
(purchased maple cane)
Good Afternoon Wayne..Just thought I would send you a quick note to say that we received Mike's cane, and he is over the moon with it. His exact words were that it exceeds his expectations and he has already named it...Boss. Thank you so much for the care and attention that you put into making it for Mike. It is a beautiful piece of art.
...thanks again...Karen

Nancy, from Fredericksburg, VI, USA...2009
(purchased diamond willow cane)
Wayne - I received my beautiful cane today. The picture does not do it justice. You certainly steered me in the right direction. It is fantastic! From beginning to end, doing business with you was truly a pleasure. I'll be checking your site on a regular basis. Keep in touch when you have new products. Nancy
P.S. - It is by far the best cane I have in my collection - not only for it's beauty, but for its functionality.!

Judy from Holland, MI, USA...2009
(purchased a one piece natural cane)
The Wupen stick arrived on Friday. It is absolutely perfect. No old lady device is this one! The handle is beautifully smoothed and very comfortable. I’ve received many comments on the beauty of the craftsmanship. I tell them where it came from. I also make sure they know it’s NOT a cane, it’s a Wupen Stick and any less than complimentary comments will get them a Wuppen! :)
Thanks again for the assistance with my rehab!

Alex from Albuquerque, NM, USA...2009
Wayne, I just wanted to let you know the canes arrived several days ago. Thank you very much. The canes reflect wonderful craftsmanship and I have received numerous compliments on their appearance. The metal tips look great; thanks for working with me on coming up with an alternative solution. I expect these canes to serve me well for many years to come.

Robert from Fort Washington MD, USA...2009
Thank you very much for allowing me to purchase Cane 235. The cane is absolutely beautiful, and I just wanted to commend you on facilitating a smooth transaction from start to finish. I am beyond satisfied. I will be leaving ultra-positive feedback on your website. I will be ordering another cane from you soon. Once again Thank you!
Cheers, Robert

Tina from Hemet, CA, USA...2009
Hi Wayne,
I got my cane today. I LOVE it! Thank you so much, it's exactly what I needed and really special. The bird on it makes it so unique and the diamond willow wood is beautiful. Truly a one-of-a-kind cane that I will use and treasure. The packing was fantastic, too. It got here in perfect shape.
Thank you again. It's wonderful. You do amazing work!!
Tina :o}

Dave from Panama City, Florida, USA...2009
Wayne, I received my Diamond Willow Cane on Saturday (April 25, 2009) afternoon. You did a superb job! I have already been putting it to use. People have commented about the uniqueness of the cane and complimented me on it's appearance and craftmanship! The credit, of course, is all yours.
I am completely and totally ecstatic with it appearance and functionality! You do some incredible work.
Thanks, Dave

TJ from Atlanta, Georgia, USA...2009
Wow! The cane is a real piece of art! I cannot believe how good it looks. The carving is so well done and the metal tip really adds to the finished product. Your canes are an incredible value!
Thanks so much. I will tell all my friends about your work!

Barry from Toledo OH, USA
Received my “Wupen” yesterday and want you to know that it’s beautiful! The cane absolutely exceeded expectations. You are a true artisan and a very honorable businessman! Thank you kindly – and rest assured that I shall spread the word about your offerings. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.
Take care, Barry

Juan from Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wayne, the cane arrived today and it is in excellent conditions, I admire your craftmanship, I feel like a kid with a new toy, thanks for an excellent product and your prompt delivery, I'm very impressed and satisfied. I'll be ordering some more in the near future. Once again thank you...
Yours truly: Juan

Bob from Apopka FL, USA (purchased two canes and a bonker.)
Hi Wayne,
I received your shipment today. WOW! Exquisite! Superior Craftsmanship! You are quite the artisan. Such beauty comes from the heart. I have 4 canes and a collection of several, very "nice" pieces (not your ordinary cane) along with several walking sticks and until today, only 3 that I would call works of "ART". I now have, 4 Extraordinarily beautiful gems. Your number 62a will give me much pleasure.
The bonker is my first, I am sure of many.
Many thanks, Bob

Rudolph from Slingerlands NY, USA
Wayne -
The cane arrived today in excellent condition [you certainly had it packed with greatest care].
I like the cane very much; it is perfect, the length and the shape of the handle suit me very well. I also admire the finish and the burly wood is not only comfortable, but gives an unusual touch. I am glad that I found you on the Internet. And if I ever have other/more needs I may return.
Regards, Rudolf

Todd from Greenbank WA, USA
I received my new cane on Thursday safe and sound. It is terrific. Much lighter than my old aluminum cane and since it is wood is has more give. The look is even better than the website shows. Thanks again for a great product. I will be sure to send people your way when they ask about my nice new cane.

Samaya from Vancouver BC, Canada
Hello Wayne:
I just went to pick up my cane at the post office and just unwrapped it. thank you so much wayne for your wonderful craftsmanship, i love the cane. i so very much appreciate it. i really enjoy individual work. It has been very nice doing business with you, you have done a great job.

Dennis from Lakewood WA, USA
Wow, The cane got here today. It looks even better than I had hoped. Your workmanship is phenomenal. The detail in burl wood in the diamonds is interesting to study.
The length is just right! I like the thick piece of wood you used for the handle. I have a big hand; the handle is just the way I would have custom made it. It is so nice when everything works out right.
I like your packaging. Thanks again for a good job on the cane.

Sheila from, Seattle WA, USA
Dear Wayne,
Your beautiful cane arrived this morning, and I am delighted! It is just the right length. The grain is as lovely as it is fascinating to examine. Again, thanks very much for your work and for the ease of ordering! I'm looking forward to using your cane for a long time!

Mark from Toronto ON, Canada
Hi Wayne,
The cane arrived on Wednesday and I picked it up yesterday. It is superb - a work of art. For me it is perfect and far exceeds my expectations. I'll be keeping you in mind should I have any further need of your talents.
Thanks again and all the best to you, Mark

Marie from Holden MO, USA (card received by regular mail)
Mr Newman,
Thank you for the beautiful cane. The wood is so different. Workmanship is so wonderful. I have received a number of ouh's and auh's. Thank you again.

Brad from Richwood TX, USA
I received the cane today and it is beautiful. Thank you for the craftsmanship and prompt delivery.

Bernadette from Slocan BC, Canada
Hi Wayne!
I received your parcel yesterday. You did a wonderful job. I think my husband will love it! You are a good cane maker and I will recommend you to anyone looking for cane or walking stick!
Thanks again, Take care, Bernadette

Simone from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Hi Wayne,
Maple cane #32 arrived at our door today.... Thank you! I know my father will really enjoy his new cane (it sure has a lot more style than his standard-issue medical cane).
Thank you for your wonderful service, artistry and communication skills. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
All the best, Simone

Greg from Bartlesville OK, USA
hey wayne, got that cane (#42) today. love it. it's exactly what i wanted. thanks a lot, if anyone asks me i'll be sure and tell them where i got it.

Joyce from Pinckard AL, USA
Wayne, the cane arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful --- Buddy, my husband, is very pleased with it, and the size is great.
Thank you so very much, Joyce

Andy from St.Peters MO, USA
hi Wayne
just wanted to say thank you the cane is beautiful hope you get some more soon thanks again, Andy

Diane from Kitchener ON, Canada
Got them, and they're wonderful! Thanks so much.
They are beautiful, and the size of both is perfect.
Thanks again!, Diane

Tracy from Santa Cruz CA, USA
My cane arrived safely today, and I am very happy with it. Thanks for the beautiful work. I anticipate that I'm going to want a unique one for every day of the week. I'll have to keep my eye on your website. Thanks very much... --Tracy

Scott from Brampton ON, Canada
Hi Wayne
I received the cane today . I just wanted to say thank you . The cane is beautiful (even better then I thought it would be). It is perfect for my height. I will definitely deal with you again, and recommend you to anyone I know of looking for a cane.
Thanks Again, Scott

Tony from Hockessin DE, USA
The cane arrived today in good condition.
It looks and feels even better than I expected. I am particularly impressed with your attention to detail.
Thank you for offering excellent craftsmanship at a fair price. All the best, Tony