Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks and Canes

Handcrafted in the Rainforests of Vancouver Island BC

by Wupen Sticks

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Unlisted Walking Sticks, Hiking Sticks and Canes
Diamond Willow Walking Sticks ... Maple Walking Sticks ...Cedar Walking Sticks
Alder Walking Sticks ...Canes of all types .

Sorry I do not have any Unlisted Sticks for sale at the moment.
Please check out my other pages for Listed Walking and Hiking Sticks.

e-mail me at or go to my Order Page for details

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More Sticks and Canes
I have many unlisted sticks and canes in stock in the price range of $50 to $60. It is not practical to list these due to shipping costs. Shipping costs (because of the length of the package) usually are between $25 and $35 to mail in the USA. It doesn't make sense to purchase a $50 stick then pay another $35 to have it shipped. In Canada the costs can be even higher in CAD dollars.
There is a way around this however, and that is to purchase more than one stick at a time. For example, buying two sticks cuts the shipping cost per stick almost in half. Buying three sticks cuts shipping costs almost one third per stick and so on.
I am not saying this to try and sell more sticks but just want to make my potential customers aware of a way to reduce their costs. If you want to buy one of my less expensive sticks then consider buying an extra one or two at the same time for a spouse, relative or close friend.

More sticks for sale

The cluster of sticks shown here in the picture is an example only of what I may have in stock. If you are interested, send me an e-mail describing what type of sticks you want. I will respond with recommendations and I will e-mail pictures of sticks from my stock.
Canes are less costly to ship (if they are 38" long or less) because or their shorter length.