Hiking Vancouver Island
Kinsol Railroad Trestle Trail

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Vancouver Island Information

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Handmade walking & hiking sticks & canes
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Hiking to the Kinsol railroad trestle, April 2007.
The Kinsol Trestle is one of the highest and longest wooden trestles in the world (145' high x 614' long).
It was built in 1921 and spans the Koksilah River. The last train crossed the trestle in 1979.
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Hiking BC: no access to the East end of the Kinsol trestle

Hiking BC: Wupen & Trevor at trestle east end

Hiking BC: side view of trestle 145' high by 614' long

Hiking BC: Wupen on viewing platform holding two piece hiking stick

Hiking BC: Trevor on viewing platform

Hiking BC: view from west end of trestle

Hiking BC: west end of trestle showing burned out section at top

Hiking BC: trail to west end of trestle

Hiking BC: trail to west end follows Koksilah River

Hiking BC: beautiful Kokisilah River

Hiking BC: Koksilah River at park entrance

Hiking BC: Koksilah River

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