Metal Ice Tips (Points, Spikes) for Walking & Hiking Sticks

installed on
Wupen Walking Sticks & Canes

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Sorry I am sold out of metal tips
I can install a brass tip (points) shown here on most of my Wupen Walking/Hiking Sticks and Canes
Click on above buttons to choose a Stick or Cane.
The brass tip comes with a stainless steel point and an interchangeable rubber point.

Add $25 to the price to have one of these top quality ice and rough terrain tips
installed on the Wupen Stick or Cane of your choice.

e-mail me at or go to my Order Page for details

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I purchase my Walking Stick Steel Points from
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A Stick or Cane with one of these ice tips installed
could be used as a defense weapon against a predator
(better than nothing)

A customer wrote:
(purchased two Wupen Walking Sticks, one with metal tip and one with standard rubber tip)
"Hi Wayne - I finally got an opportunity to try out the second stick - the one with the stainless steel spike tip. It works great for my favorite trails - say 2000 feet or so gain up, then same loss in a 7 to 10 mile round trip. The spike point holds very well at the back-side of the stride when you do a little uphill push on the steeper sections on dirt trails.
The other stick, with the rubber tip, is great for level dirt trails and for pavement, but can slip out at the back-side of strides if you put any "push" at all on the steeper uphill trail sections.
The workmanship fitting the ferrule and spike tip to the stick is excellent. For both sticks the carving and finishing is top quality. I'm completely satisfied with both sticks. " read more

walking stick ice point

This tip is for Walking and Hiking sticks
Canes with shaft diameter larger than 1"
Also available are metal tips for canes with shaft diameter less than 1" refer to Cane Ice Points