Metal Ice Point & Tip for Walking Cane

installed on
Wupen hand crafted Wood Walking Canes

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I can install the metal tips/points shown here on my Wupen Walking Canes that have a shaft diamenter less than 1".

Most of my canes have a shaft diameter larger than 1". Click here Walking Stick Ice Points to see metal points for large diameter shafts.

Click on above buttons to choose a handmade wood cane.
The tips come with a stainless steel point and an interchangeable rubber tip.

Add $25 to price to have one of these top quality metal ice points
installed on the Wupen Cane of your choice.

e-mail me at or go to my Order Page for details

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A Stick or Cane with one of these ice tips installed
could be used as a defense weapon against a predator
(better than nothing)

walking cane ice point

This ice tip is for Walking Canes
with a shaft diameter less than 1"
For larger shafts refer to Walking Stick Ice Points