Nylon (Paracord) Lanyards for Walking & Hiking Sticks

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Wupen Walking Sticks & Hiking Sticks

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Handmade Lanyards FOR SALE
I can install lanyards on most of my Wupen Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks

I make lanyards by braiding four strands of paracord together.
Paracord, aka 550 Parachute Cord, is a thin lightweight rope typically measuring 5/32" (4mm) in diameter
and consisting of a tightly woven outer sheath with 7 interior strands
that was originally used as suspension lines for the parachutes of soldiers in WWII.

I have four paracord colors; brown, black, camo and orange. My lanyards are made using a combination of any two of these colors.
Length of lanyard about 16 but I can make any requested length.

walking stick lanyardswalking stick lanyards

Sample Lanyards for Walking/Hiking sticks & Bonker/Shillelaghs

Paracord does not absorb water, stretch or rot over time and is incredibly strong.

Price $10 each, $US or $CAD

e-mail me at or go to my Order Page for details

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