maple hiking stick

Rick with his Wupen hiking stick

Rick Wrote these kind words
after receiving his maple hiking stick (#175m)
I received my Maple Hiking Stick today, and was going absolutely crazy with excitement! I had been going to everyday and entering the tracking number that was sent to me so that I could keep an eye on its progress. Wayne sent me an email stating that the stick was mailed on July 30th, 2012, so I pretty much expected approximately 8-10 days for delivery. On Friday, August 3rd, 2012, (5 days after he mailed it), I was laying in bed and decided to run the tracking number just to see where it was. The U.S.P.S. tracking website showed the package had been scanned in San Francisco. (A long way from Alabama) So I went to bed and the next morning was about to start on some yard work when my two German Shepherds started to bark. My wife looked out the window, and stated "I think the postman has your stick". I knew she was just messing with me because a few hours earlier, the tracking number had the package in San Francisco. I told her, "yeah right", your not going to get me on that one, I know where my stick is, and went back to getting ready to start on the yard work! A few minutes later, she came walking into the bedroom with a really long brown cardboard box, and asked me, do you know a "Wayne P. Newman", and started laughing. She said, I told you your stick was here. I couldn't believe it! I just knew it was still sitting somewhere in California. I ran and got my pocket knife and started cutting the tape on the box. (If Wayne ever sends you a Christmas gift, you may not ever get it opened-LOL) The box was really quite secure, so when I finally managed to get the box opened, I found that my stick was wrapped the entire length of the shaft with numerous pieces of cardboard that Wayne had "rolled around the shaft"; and then secured with tape. After cutting the tape, I started to unroll the cardboard off of the stick. After each section was "unveiled", I was more and more amazed! The hiking stick is absolutely beautiful! My wife was sitting in a chair watching me and every time I would remove a section of cardboard, she would say,"WOW"! The workmanship is amazing, and the height of the stick is perfect. The lanyard Wayne made and installed is very nice as well. You can tell that a lot of pride (and skill) went into making this hiking stick. I was, and still am like a kid on Christmas morning. My daughter said, "Dad, I never thought I'd see you this excited over a stick", are you sure you're O.K.? I just laughed and asked her if she wanted to touch it! If anyone out there is looking for a hand-made, "one of a kind", quality hiking stick, or a walking cane, that doesn't say, "MADE IN CHINA", then look no further. You will not be disappointed... Thank you again Wayne for a beautiful work of art... I will probably be ordering another stick from you in the very near future, for a family member. Oh, and by the way.... I decided to name my stick the "WUPEN STUMBLE STOP"! I will also send you some pictures soon of the "stick in action", on either the Geocaching Trail, or on a Photo shoot...
Sincerely, -Rick Phenix City, AL

Rick's dad with Wupen diamond willow cane

Rick's dad holds his Wupen diamond willow cane

Rick's mother-in-law with Wupen maple cane

Rick's mother-in-law holds her Wupen maple cane