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Here are actual e-mail comments received from some of my customers
after receiving their Wupen walking stick or cane:

Wupen Sticks
Walking and Hiking Sticks and Canes
Wupen Sticks are made by me
(Wayne P Newman).
If you want to know where the name Wupen comes from go to my home page.

this is Wupen

Wood Types
I use many types of wood to fashion my walking and hiking sticks. On this web site you will find sticks made from Diamond Willow, Maple, Cedar and Alder.

All walking sticks and canes are hand made. Each is unique, there are no two alike.

I have allotted a page for each wood type of walking stick and a page for my canes. Click on the buttons on the top of this page to view the different sticks.
If you like a walking stick or cane, check out my Order and Inquirey Page.

Making Wupen walking/hiking sticks and canes
If you want to know more about how I make my products visit my How to make a walking stick, hiking stick or cane Page.

A little History
My wife and I came to in June of 1999. Qualicum Beach is located on Vancouver Island in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. Within a month of retiring in Thunder Bay, Ontario we moved to the west coast (the warmest part of Canada in the winter).
One of the first activities we did was walk the hiking trails in the area. After a few hikes I made myself a hiking stick, the beginning of what you now see on this web site. If you want to see some hiking pictures of this area click here
hiking pictures

Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island is located off the west coast of Canada and is part of the province of British Columbia. If you want to know more about Vancouver Island and the area we live in, visit my Vancouver Island Information Page.

Cougar Country
There are more cougars on Vancouver Island, per square mile than any other place in North America. It is recommended that when hiking you carry a stout stick. How about a Wupen Walking Stick or a Wupen Cougar Bonker just in case you have to fend off a predator. Attacks are rare, however.
I sighted my first cougar in July 2003, with my brother-in-law only a 20 minute walk from the cabin. I told him to make lots of noise while we retreated, but nothing came out when he nervously tried to whistle. The cat didn't hang around long but neither did we.

my cabin

Here is where I do most of my work. This is the cabin where I make all the walking and hiking sticks. It is located on Cameron lake, less than a 1/2 hour drive from Qualicum Beach. To get to my cabin, turn off highway 4 (between Qualicum Beach and Port Alberni) at Chalet Road which takes you to Cameron Lake Resort. My cabin is across the bridge just after you pass through the resort.

lake view

This is the view of Cameron Lake from my cabin.
The rainforest valley between the hills at the far end is called
a protected area of old growth trees up to 800 years of age.
(located in MacMillan Provincial Park)

lake in fall
This is the lake in October. By the way the lake does not freeze in the winter.

tall tree
This is one of the trees you will find in Cathedral grove.

Click to see Cameron Lake
animals and trees

Click to see hiking pictures

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