Cedar Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks

Handmade in the Rainforests of Vancouver Island BC

by Wupen Sticks

 Cedar Walking Stick 22c
Cedar Walking Stick (sample)

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I am no longer making canes and walking sticks

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Handmade Cedar walking sticks

Handmade Cedar walking sticks

Handmade Cedar walking sticks

Walking & Hiking Sticks Price Chart

Stick No.
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Length Status Cost
$US or $CAD
#103c 55" SOLD $70
#101c 51 1/2" SOLD $50
#102c 59" SOLD $70
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of all types can be found
on my canes page.

walking stick length
can be determined by following the instructions on my measure page.
If you like a walking/hiking stick that is too long I will shorten it for you, at no extra charge.

stick grip size
click to see reference
on sizing
the gripping part
of the stick

rubber tips
are installed on all of my cedar
walking & hiking sticks.

The shading and coloring on Wupen Walking Sticks is created using the natural colors of the wood and bark. Stains are not used. All items are finished
with a minimum of 4 coats of clear varathene.

Learn more about Vancouver Island and the Old Growth Forests

Western Red Cedar
BC's Provincial Tree

I cut only standing dead young cedar trees for my sticks. These are fairly easy to find as the young trees get drowned out by the giants and die, due to lack of sunlight.

Learn more about Western Red Cedar
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