Handcrafted Alder Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticks

Handcrafted in the Rainforests of Vancouver Island BC

by Wupen Sticks

Alder Walking Stick (sample)
Red Alder Walking Stick (sample)

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I am no longer making canes and walking sticks

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Most of my sticks can be shortened.
If the stick is too long I will shorten it at no extra charge.

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Red Alder
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49" For Sale $50
61" SOLD $75
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SOLD $85
55" SOLD $60
58" SOLD $50
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rubber tips
are installed on all of my diamond willow
walking & hiking sticks.

Finishing the Walking/Hiking Sticks
The shading and coloring on Wupen Alder Walking Sticks is created using the natural colors of the wood and bark. All items are finished with several coats of clear varathane.

Red Alder Tree
Red Alder is a fairly light weight wood that can be turned into great looking walking and hiking sticks. The wood and bark when finished has beautiful coloring. They grow like a weed, just about anywhere where they find light and moisture. I cut them green from highway and railroad right-of-ways. I let them dry naturally for about 4 months before working them.

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