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From the Rainforests of Vancouver Island BC

Handmade by Wupen Sticks

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These are actual e-mail comments sent to me by some of my customers, after receiving their Wupen BONKER.
None of the original wording has been changed.
My thanks to all my customers for their kind words.

Don from Whitbey, ON, Canada (2015)
Thanks Wayne. Got it today. Nice looking stick, thanks very much, it looks good in my collection. Regards, Don

Wilson from Staten Island, NY, USA (2014)
Hello Wayne! Ive received the bonker and its gorgeous! Thank you so much for your service and I hope to do business again with you soon! Wilson

Ray from Livermore, CA, USA (2014)
Wayne... Just found a Bonker on our front steps a few minutes ago. It looks great and feels great. Looks just like the photo. Thanks again, -Ray

Nancy from Winnipeg, MB, Canada (2014)
Hi Wayne, The bonker arrived around noon today. It was in perfect shape because of the careful wrapping you had done. It is absolutely beautiful! I had friends in just after I unwrapped it and one lady had to have your information so I gave her the card you had attached. Thank you again for your piece of artwork. It does belong on display. Nancy.

Jon from Cross Lake, MB, Canada (2011)
Hey Wayne, got my bonker last Monday but I just got home from a hunting trip so I was only able to open it tonight... I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Thanks again man, this is going to make an amazing bit of conversation to hang on my wall. Jon.

Peggy from Los Angeles, CA, USA (2011)
Wayne, I received your beautiful bonker/shillelagh today in the mail. Thanks for making it and sending it. I have a different purpose in mind, having to do with a shamanism training program I am involved in soon (hence the rush), so it will be put to a really good use. Thanks again, Peggy

John from Mount-Tremblant, Quebec Canada (2011)
Hi Wayne, I received the masterpiece today and what a treasure.. I thank you very much for this wonderful instrument. Sincerely,John

Patrick from San Antonio, TX USA (2010)
Wayne, I just received and opened it up. I am really floored at how beautiful it is- even more so than the online picture! Thank you! Patrick

Billy from Hingham, MA USA
Dear Wayne,
Today I received my Bonker and all that I can say is that there is NO way this amazing work of art is going anywhere other than up on a wall! After opening it I just stared at it for about ten minutes; absolutely beautiful. I can not thank you enough for the time, care and incredible amount of work you must have put into this piece. I could go on and on. It truly looks like a museum piece.
Thank you again and I will definitely be ordering again.
God Bless,
Billy from Boston

Adam from Las Vegas, NV USA
Thank you Wayne
I just wanted to let you know I just received my bonker and am very pleased. It is a beautiful piece of work.

Janice from Windsor, Ontario Canada
Wayne: Just wanted to let you know that these beautiful works of art arrived at my home yesterday in excellent condition. You have certainly attended to all the details on these pieces. One bonker was given to my elderly parents to make them feel safe in case of a fire to break a window or whatever and the other is with me. Thanks once again, I am very happy and will pass your name along to anyone who asks.

Bryan from Seattle Beach, FL USA
Hello Wayne : The Bonker arrived today.
It is Fantastic !!
Thank you,

Russell from San Jose, CA USA
Dear wayne the bonker arrived today. It's beautifully crafted, light but strong. For now it will reside as a decorative peice but will come in handy the next time I go camping. Thanks again keep up the remarkable works. Russell

Pedro from New York, NY USA
I recieved my bonkers and I have to say I'm extreamly happy with my purchases.
I gave one as a house worming gift. later that afternoon it became a convesation peace. It made a great gift! thank you very much for every thing. I'll be shopping again soon.

Carl from New City, NY USA
(Carl purchased a total of 26 Wupen Bonkers to give as gifts to friends)

Hello Wayne
Wanted to let you know that I received the first of the 3 orders. It was the initial order for the 2 bonkers that arrived in perfect condition. Truly works of art!!! Fantastic pieces. Look forward to the other orders.

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